Voice Project offers a range of support services to help you get the most out of your organisation’s survey

action planning workshops

Action planning workshops provide a practical forum for organisations to transform survey results and focus group feedback into meaningful action. They are recommended to help communicate results and build ownership for change initiatives. This is effective for organisation wide changes and initiatives within key business units and teams.

Voice Project’s psychologists implement a four stage approach to their action planning workshops to ensure a thorough and efficient transition from opinion to action:

  • Communicating results with key stakeholders and change agents
  • Conduct root cause analysis to identify causes and effective remedies
  • Establishing priorities to generate change and ROI
  • Action identification to focus efforts

Read more about our action planning workshops here.

focus groups

Focus groups are used by HR and management to clarify and deepen understanding of survey results, and to generate potential solutions to address identified issues. They provide objective information and perspective on particular topics directly from the stakeholders involved. They are recommended to provide “voice” to employees, customers and other stakeholders and help build momentum for change.

Voice Project’s psychologists implement a five stage approach to their focus groups to ensure that rich and meaningful feedback is captured:

  • Identify ideal participants representative of the stakeholder groups
  • Develop a discussion guide to maximise the richness of feedback
  • Moderate focus groups to allow all participants a voice
  • Analyse and summarise data in a clear and straightforward style
  • Generate solutions and an action orientated report

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leadership survey debriefs

When a leader participates in the Voice Leadership Survey it’s critical that they have someone available to talk them through any issues, surprises or simply assist them in interpreting the data. Voice Project’s psychologists are specially trained to provide one-on-one feedback to help your leaders get the most out of their feedback. But if you prefer to deliver the feedback internally, Voice Project provides a train-the-trainer service, which allows you to draw from our expertise in interpreting the survey results and delivering a meaningful feedback session.

unique surveys

One of Voice Project’s strengths lies in our ability to tailor a survey to meet your unique needs. Voice Project has conducted the following surveys within our existing clients, so let us know what unique survey you are thinking about and we’ll be delighted to help you get started:

  • Training needs analyses (see case study below)
  • Exit surveys
  • Tailored multi-rater feedback
  • Culture surveys
  • Values surveys
  • Member surveys
  • Franchisee satisfaction surveys
  • Casual staff opinion surveys
  • Supported employee and client surveys
  • Pulse Surveys
  • In-depth surveys focused on particular practices (e.g., safety, career, transformation and change)
  • Time utilisation analyses
  • Pre- and post-merger surveys
  • Enterprise Agreement Voting

case study

In 2011 Voice Project partnered with Mission Australia to help them identify what training needs were required across the organisation and the extent to which compliance based training requirements were being met. Voice Project conducted focus groups and leveraged existing competency frameworks to design a tailored competency based Training Needs Analysis Survey, which was made available online to all staff Australia-wide. The ensuing analysis enabled Mission Australia to identify any gaps in relation to compliance, whilst also helping to identify skill gaps both across the organisation and within specific business units. According to Ian Corner, Head of Organisation Development at Mission Australia, Voice Project’s knowledge of the NFP industry, combined with the flexibility of reporting options, helped Mission Australia to identify and address immediate compliance risks in the short term, whilst helping them to successfully establish their development and training strategy for the year ahead.

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