Best Workplace Awards

Voice Project works with organisations who are committed to providing their employees with a voice, creating positive change and empowering an engaged workforce. Through consistent, joint efforts of leaders and staff, we see ongoing improvements in employee engagement and organisational performance.

Voice Project’s “Best Workplace” awards recognise organisations who have achieved exceptional levels of employee engagement and satisfaction. These organisations tend to engage in effective management practices such as articulating and communicating overall direction, assessing and providing adequate resources, and supporting employees in learning and in career development more broadly. Employees in these organisations often feel supported, empowered and engaged as they help drive organisational performance.

Is my organisation eligible? How will we be notified and recognised?

Your employees are the best judge of whether your organisation is a great place to work. Therefore, in order to be eligible for Voice Project ‘Best Workplace’ award, you would need to complete an engagement survey with us and meet the following criteria:

Use 30 or more benchmarkable questions from Voice Project standard engagement questions. This allows us to compare your results with your industry peers across a diverse range of business and leadership practices. Our standard pulse engagement survey meets this criterion.

This award is based on the feedback from your employees. As such we need to hear from the majority (50% or more) of your employees.

This award recognises best employers across more than 40 industries.  Your organisation is eligible when staff satisfaction levels average 80% or more across the questions or when staff satisfaction levels exceed industry benchmarks by 10 percentage points.

If your organisation is eligible, you will be notified shortly after you receive your engagement survey results. We will also publish a full list of ‘best workplace’ award winners at the end of each calendar year to recognise their achievement (see our list of Voice Project Best Workplaces for 2019 and 2020).

For organisations currently going through a transformation of your workplace practices and culture, you may be interested in Voice Project Change Challenge Awards that recognise organisations for delivering significant positive changes.

Need more information?

Contact us to find out how you could apply for Voice Project’s ‘Best Workplace’ award or learn more about the consulting support we provide to help you build a great workplace.


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