change management

Authored by Echo Fong and Ming Pan.

Ben Eastment
change management

Technology is a wonderful thing while it’s working. But we all know how difficult it can be to get our jobs done when even the slightest blip occurs in our systems. After two consecutive years of impressive improvements, Flinders University has topped the ranking for the best internal customer experience of IT services.

Cindy Leung

Allity is a large, private aged care organisation, recently recognised with the ‘highly commended award’ in Voice Project’s 2019 Change Challenge Awards. In just one year, Allity have seen noticeable improvements in several key practices and employee engagement, leading to a significant reduction in staff turnover.

Lauren Gatt
employee engagement
Why and how to become fur-friendly

employee engagement

Authored by Louise Parkes and Lauren Gatt.

As a research based consultancy, it’s always been important that Voice Project offers solutions that are backed by scientific research and meet the needs of our clients.

Frank Basile
employee voice

I recently chipped my tooth (a story for another day)! A one-minute phone call to my health insurance provider confirmed that my stupidity was covered under their policy… Cue recorded message… “Based on your interaction with our customer service professional how likely is it that you would recommend us to your family and friends? In a few words, explain why you gave this rating?”

Lauren Gatt
positive psychology

Thank you very much to those who were able to join us in Sydney, Melbourne or via Webinar for our event "Can a Workpalce be a Well Place?". We had a very positive response to the breakfast, and were heartened to see such a high level of engagement with this increasingly topical issue.

Lauren Gatt
employee engagement
Flexibility seemed like the answer to so many of our problems when it was first introduced. These arrangements would allow us to do work on our own terms, juggle our work roles with our other roles in life and even avoid the dreariness of commuting! And these are all certainly the benefits that staff with flexible work arrangements report, amongst many others.
Lauren Gatt
customer satisfaction

Every 6 months, Voice Project takes the opportunity to give our clients a voice through our Client Satisfaction Survey. The feedback we receive is highly valued at Voice Project as it helps us to improve our services. It also gives us an opportunity to take a moment to celebrate how we help our clients.

Angus Yu
learning & development
In November 2018, Dr Peter Langford conducted Voice Project’s first ever webinar, presenting on the topic of Values Based Leadership. As a first foray on this platform to connect with our current and potential clients and partners, the presentation was a repeat of our Breakfast Presentations held in Sydney and Melbourne one week earlier.