Louise Parkes
employee engagement

Over the past few years we have seen HR managers shift their title to directors of “People & Culture”. At the same time, scrutiny into ethical failures across many industries has been prompting leaders to re-think how they assess and govern organisational culture.

Ben Eastment
customer satisfaction

Most of our clients are familiar with the work we do around staff engagement and leadership development. Increasingly though, we have also been conducting what we call ‘service quality’ surveys.

Cindy Leung
employee engagement

Dr Louise Parkes has previously shared our research findings regarding the current state of diversity and key drivers for improving workplace diversity in a breakfast event.

Ming Pan

Thanks to advancements in technology, there is an explosion of data being collected from us daily. Common websites such as Google, Facebook and YouTube have your browsing preferences recorded in a background system, which is then used to inform the newsfeed that appears on subsequent webpages.

Alex Kashian
change management

In 2018, Afford was named Voice Project’s Change Challenge award winner for the large organisation category. It was a truly remarkable achievement for Afford, who in the space of just two years transformed the work environment for their 1300 strong workforce.

Peter Langford

We are regularly seeing cases of questionable leadership in the media. With the discoveries made by the recent Royal Commissions, the #metoo movement, Trump scandals and the Liberal Party spill, a renewed emphasis and stronger focus on ethical leadership has never been more important.

Lauren Gatt
employee engagement
Sometimes work can feel a bit like putting one foot in front of the other – in September though it was a matter of literally putting one foot in front of another as Voice Project participated in Steptember for the second time to raise funds and awareness for the Cerebral Palsy Alliance.
Peter Langford

We are sometimes asked “What are the risks of people completing multiple surveys, or unintended people taking part, in an employee survey or customer survey?”. The concern behind this question is usually that some people might take part in a survey with malicious intent to influence the survey results.

Peter Ha
customer satisfaction

Every 6 months, Voice Project takes the opportunity to give our clients a voice through our Client Satisfaction Survey. The feedback we receive is highly valued at Voice Project as it helps us to improve our services. It also gives us an opportunity to take a moment to celebrate how we help our clients.

Peter Langford

Leadership Capability Frameworks

Leadership competency frameworks vary from overly simple to overwhelmingly complex. The trick in developing an effective framework is getting the balance right between being: