Aaron Silvestro
change management

When COVID-19 circled the globe, organisations were forced to adapt quickly. Many demonstrated an unprecedented willingness and ability to support employees’ mental wellbeing, even while striving to keep business afloat.

Alex Kashian
change management

City of Vincent ran their first Voice Project Staff Engagement Survey in 2018. When they ran the survey a second time in September of 2019, they had improved on almost every survey category, decreased employee turnover, and reduced workers compensation spend by 24%.

Peter Ha
change management

With the world changing at such a rapid rate, organisations will need to take on a broader perspective, to not just focus on present change but to also anticipate and prepare for future changes. What then, can organisations do to ensure that they have a strong foundation that is capable of driving and supporting change?

Lauren Gatt
change management
I have always loved Four Pillars for their award-winning gin. As the Covid-19 pandemic has unfolded though, Four Pillars Gin has moved from living in the ‘after work’ part of my brain (hello cocktail hour!) to percolating in my thinking as a workplace psychologist.

Aaron Silvestro
change management

To help during this time we have designed a COVID-19 Staff Check-In Survey. This short survey will take most staff around 5 minutes to complete and provides valuable feedback about how well your organisation is supporting staff safety and wellbeing, as well as providing the systems and processes needed for business continuity.

change management

Authored by Echo Fong and Ming Pan.

Lauren Gatt
employee voice
It’s been a big few weeks for us as a global community as we come to terms with the impact of coronavirus/COVID-19, and in the hyper connected world we live in now there is little respite. Particularly for Australians who are still recovering from the bushfires that ravaged our country, this year has required all of us to be resilient.

Ben Eastment
change management

Technology is a wonderful thing while it’s working. But we all know how difficult it can be to get our jobs done when even the slightest blip occurs in our systems. After two consecutive years of impressive improvements, Flinders University has topped the ranking for the best internal customer experience of IT services.

Cindy Leung

Allity is a large, private aged care organisation, recently recognised with the ‘highly commended award’ in Voice Project’s 2019 Change Challenge Awards. In just one year, Allity have seen noticeable improvements in several key practices and employee engagement, leading to a significant reduction in staff turnover.

Lauren Gatt
employee engagement
Why and how to become fur-friendly