2017 State Award for Excellence: Congratulations to Anglican Care

Exceptional Human Resource Management

Exceptional Human Resource Management

In 2017, Voice Project once again had the pleasure of being a sponsor and judge for the ACSA Award for Exceptional Human Resource Management. It’s always a wonderful opportunity to hear stories about the dedication, passion, and tenacity that staff in the Aged Care sector show towards the work
they do and the clients they service.

Effective human resource management is critical for facilitating the outstanding work that staff in the sector do. This is why we so avidly encourage the kinds of efforts made by our client and this year’s winner, Anglican Care, to create a better place to work.

Anglican Care

Anglican Care has been in operation since 1956, and has a workforce of over 850 employees and 350 volunteers supporting 1,200 residents and consumers in the Newcastle, Central Coast, and Taree areas, NSW. They recognise that staff are their most important resource in providing excellent care and enhanced lifestyles to clients. In consideration of this, they have put in place a range of HR strategies and practices to effectively attract, retain, and develop staff.

Human Resource Management Initiatives


In the face of a competitive recruitment environment, Anglican Care demonstrated best practice by building their recruitment process around their organisational values. They also use diverse communication channels to keep applicants updated throughout the process, as well as role model customer service expectations. Finally, they have established a comprehensive onboarding process for successful applicants that includes supernumerary shifts with a designated buddy.


Once hired, Anglican Care staff show a strong desire to stay with the organisation. Staff remain employed for an average of six and a half years, with 20% of current staff employed for more than ten years. This is thanks, in part, to the lengths Anglican Care goes to in ensuring that employees’ efforts and milestones are rewarded, recognised, and celebrated. They also ensure that their mission statement, “Excellent Care, Enhanced Lifestyles” is applied to staff, not just residents. Staff wellbeing is considered paramount to Anglican Care’s success, and so benefits and conditions to enhance wellness and work/life balance are provided.

Ongoing Development

Anglican Care has introduced policies to ensure that staff have the time and the opportunities for further education and training. Efforts are also made to connect staff to a range of development programs, as well as to positions that let them apply their skills and knowledge. Secondment opportunities are also provided when possible.

Anglican Care has seen tremendous results from their attraction, retention, and development strategies. They continue to develop and refine these strategies based on feedback collected through their VOICE Staff Surveys, as well as text messages sent during onboarding.

About Voice Project Services in Aged Care

Voice Project has worked with close to 300 NFP organisations, and over 20 Aged Care organisations. Alongside staff engagement surveys, we have developed a Leadership 360 feedback survey tailored to the Aged Care Leadership Framework, developed with ACSA and the sector. And, in the context of current sector debates on measuring quality in the increasingly consumer-led market, we conduct service quality and quality of life surveys with aged care clients, with research-backed and evidence-based tools.

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