Pulse Survey

what are pulse surveys?

Up-to-date information can be the deciding factor in delivering successful improvements in employee engagement and performance. Using our Pulse Survey, we help our clients stay connected with individual teams, geographical sites and organisation wide initiatives.

A Voice Project Pulse Survey helps you get reliable, up-to-date insights from your people. It helps you efficiently track progress between standard engagement surveys by focusing on a smaller group of employees (either a particular group, or a representative sample), more concise content (targeted initiatives, or a comprehensive short version), and streamlined reporting.

advantages of a pulse survey


  • Gain valuable feedback on a regular basis
  • Builds staff engagement in the process
  • Quick to fill out
  • Cost effective compared to the standard surveys
  • Easy self-administration options
  • Gather specific information on a particular issue or work area
  • Monitors change in staff opinions
  • Measure the effectiveness of change initiatives
  • Benchmark against previous Voice Engagement results

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why choose a Voice Pulse Survey?

Voice Project Pulse Surveys draw on our comprehensive engagement tools, advanced analytics, and industry benchmarks to provide up to date information on key areas in your organisation. We differentiate ourselves by providing:

  • Scientific Rigor. We work with each client to ensure their pulse survey content addresses their unique needs and provides quality information by drawing upon our industry specific benchmarks and research validated frameworks
  • Insightful Analytics. We place survey feedback in context to provide valuable information for decision makers with our report analytics. Identify priorities to drive engagement with our advanced gap analyses, gain external context with local industry benchmarks, and quickly understand internal variations with graphical weather maps and performance overviews
  • Flexible Solutions. We provide a range of survey solutions, including paper and digital platforms, to ensure survey participation is fast, easy and convenient for employees in any industry, and reporting options that fit into your operating budget
  • Client Satisfaction. We pride ourselves on timely, quality service. When we asked about our performance in our own client survey, 100% of our clients reported favourable responses for our product and service quality and timely delivery
  • Sustainable Improvements. Employee surveys are valuable when they lead to sustainable improvements in employee engagement and business performance. We build long term relationships with our clients, tailoring our approach to the needs of the business and people in your organisation, providing up to date research and insights into generating change
  • Beyond the Instrument. We support our clients through the whole process, from best practice pre-survey communication to maximise response rate, through to post survey action planning to identify underlying solutions and case studies to inspire and inform ongoing change.

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