leadership 360 degree feedback

what is leadership 360 degree feedback?

Effective and inspirational leaders are critical to an organisation’s success, and so it is important to develop leadership capacity in your organisation. A leadership 360 survey helps you achieve this by assessing leader behaviours and effectiveness based on feedback from those ‘all around’ them, including peers, subordinates and managers. This multi-rater feedback informs personal strengths and development needs in order to improve leadership performance.

why run a leadership 360 degree feedback?

Conducting leadership 360 degree surveys helps to:

  • Obtain feedback from multiple stakeholders about a leader’s performance and management style
  • Inform personal strengths and development needs, and support long-term self development of your leaders
  • Understand organisation wide leadership capacity, and assist in the design of targeted leadership development programs
  • Monitor your leader’s performance over time
  • Measure the effectiveness of your leadership development programs

why choose the VOICE leadership 360 degree survey?

  • We provide a research validated survey, with demonstrated psychometric reliability and validity
  • We have a proven track record having provided feedback to over 1900 leaders in commercial, government and not-for-profit organisations. Our extensive benchmarks help you to assess your performance relative to other leaders
  • You can choose our standard survey, or with support from our experienced consultants customise your own questions to match your organisations unique competency framework
  • We provide comprehensive, easy-to-interpret reports for each leader and also for the leadership team as a whole, helping you understand organisational wide leadership development needs
  • We can breakdown the results across rater groups, allows individuals to obtain a more detailed understanding of the feedback provided
  • You can expect quick turnaround, with instant reports from our automated self-service tool, or up to 4 weeks with our full-service reporting
  • We support you with best practice advice on survey design, administration, analysis and reporting


the VOICE Leadership 360 Feedback Model

VOICE Leadership 360 degree feedback model

voiceexpress & strive towards your mission & values
organiseplan, implement & monitor your approach
innovateexplore, learn & continuously improve
connectinvolve, recognise & develop others
enjoymanage stress, health & wellbeing

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We provide debriefing and train-the-trainer debriefing sessions to help your leaders develop effective action plans based on the feedback provided.


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