what is an organisational survey?

An organisational survey is a diagnostic tool used to measure and track organisational change. When implemented successfully, it is a powerful and effective way in gathering the voice of your organisational stakeholders, such as your employees, your clients, your suppliers, and your board.

In addition, organisational surveys can be a relatively inexpensive way of gathering large quantity of organisational data. This data can inform the current state, the desired future state, and the steps that need to be taken to improve your organisation's performance.

types of organisational surveys

There are a broad range of surveys, answering the questions of who to survey, what to survey, and what to do in response to survey results. Our key surveys include:

  • Employee engagement survey (also known as climate survey, employee survey, staff opinion survey, voice survey)
  • Leadership survey (also known as 360 survey, upward feedback survey, leadership self-assessment survey)
  • Service quality survey (also known as customer satisfaction survey, client survey, internal quality survey)
  • Values survey (also known as culture survey, aspiration survey)
  • Exit survey

why run an organisational survey?

Surveys fulfil some critical functions:

  • Assess the performance of management practices and organisational outcomes such as turnover, abseenteeism, productivity and profitability
  • Benchmark organisational results against similar groups at the industry, regional, and management levels
  • Consult ideas sourced from a broad range of organisational stakeholders to improve organisational decision making
  • Identify strengths, risks, and gaps to assist in prioritising strategic planning

why survey with Voice Project?

There are some key advantages for surveying with Voice Project:

  • We are committed to building a long term relationship with our clients, with a large proportion of our clients surveying with us over multiple years
  • We deliver flexible survey solutions, from standard self-administered surveys through to fully tailored surveys
  • We are grounded in scientific research, from the psychometric validation of our surveys published in peer-reviewed journals, through to professional and evidenced based advice on post survey strategic planning
  • We help you accurately assess and track performance across a number of critical outcomes such as employee engagement, client satisfaction, and leadership effectiveness
  • We help you achieve successful change, where our clients have a proven track record for achieving improvements
  • We benchmark your performance against all industry and industry specific performance indicators
  • We help you identify gaps, that when addressed, will likely lead to the greatest return on investment

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voice project services

Voice Project supports you through all stages of the survey process, and provides you with an end-to-end survey solution. Our services are aimed at helping you implement the five critical stages of surveying:

1. design and consult

During this phase, good planning ensures that the survey gains buy-in, and that the results accurately reflect the voice of your employees, clients, and stakeholders. We assist you with:

  • Designing and tailoring survey content
  • Helping you measure what you want to measure
  • Determining appropriate survey length
  • Drafting communications to gain buy-in
  • Explaining the benefits and challenges of the survey process
  • Reinforcing the confidentiality of the survey process
  • Involving and consulting with your stakeholders
  • Branding your survey and creating a buzz
  • Avoiding the pitfalls of survey planning
  • Advise you on IT related issues (e.g. firewall, data security)
  • Balancing the use of standardised surveys versus tailored surveys to best meet your need

2. distribute

Survey distribution and administration should be geared towards your workforce. We assist you with:

  • Determining the best mix of online, paper and pencil, electronic, and telephone based administration methods
  • Balancing the choice between anonymous versus invitational surveys
  • Supporting the part of your workforce that may require special support, such as those with visual impairments and/or other forms of disability
  • Deciding on appropriate timing, frequency, and survey period
  • Sending out response updates and reminders to maximise participation during the survey live period

3. analyse and report

Voice Project delivers accurate, insightful, and timely analysis of survey data. Our reports play an instrumental role in shaping organisational decisions and strategic planning. We provide:

  • High level trends, patterns, and big picture summary of the data
  • Visual and graphical representation of key information to assist interpretation
  • Detailed statistical analyses to pinpoint root causes
  • Demographic cuts of the data to compare response patterns across groups such as departments, locations, management levels, and other workforce statistics
  • Historical comparisons to track changes across survey instances
  • Industry specific and all industry benchmarks to analyse the relative performance of your organisation
  • User friendly reports
  • Professional advice and recommendation on the implication of survey results
  • Face-to-face and telephone debriefs of the results to key decision-makers within your organisation

4. plan actions

Our research has shown that organisations who feedback and act on survey results can achieve double the levels of engagement compared to those who do not. It is what you do with survey results that count. To this end, we assist you with:

  • Feedback and communication of survey results, ranging from individual departmental briefings to all organisation communications
  • Discovering the root cause of issues identified in the survey
  • Consulting key stakeholders in the decision making process
  • Prioritising issues following the survey
  • Generating solutions
  • Planning and prioritising actions
  • Train the trainer sessions to assist in reports interpretation and internal organisational development
  • Individual manager debriefs and feedback for Leadership 360 surveys

5. implement and monitor

Successful change management requires structured implementation and review plan following organisational surveys. Organisations who survey their people, but fail to act on survey results can do more damage than not surveying at all. We assist you with:

  • Sharing best practice advice on post-survey process and review
  • Sharing research validated solutions to address key organisation issues
  • Connecting you with others in your industry
  • Connecting you with Voice Project's HR partners who provide specialist solutions
  • Providing pulse checks in between major surveys
  • Re-survey your people to monitor, track, and evaluate the success of organisational change

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