Technology continues to be the foundation of internal operations and education delivery for universities. Assessing, monitoring and improving staff and student perceptions of IT service quality is therefore a crucial part of continuous business improvement

The IT Service Quality Benchmark survey was developed to help universities understand staff and student experience with the use of technology infrastructure and network as well as their satisfaction with IT service quality in the organisation. As a widely adopted survey tool in the sector, it also allows universities to compare their IT service quality to their peers, and as such has been a driver of improvements across the sector

Voice Project’s reputation within the sector in the engagement survey space and expertise in data collection and analysis made us a prime candidate to take on this industry wide initiative in 2016. We hope to not only continue the initiative but improve it over time and make it more valuable for our clients.

We would also like to recognise some great achievements from the most recent round of surveys:

  • University of Adelaide achieved the highest satisfaction in the staff survey , with a benchmark score of 84 out of 100
  • Flinders University showed the most improvement from their previous staff survey results (7 point improvement)
  • University of New England achieved the highest student satisfaction (87 out of 100)
  • Victoria University showed the most improvement from their previous student survey results (2 point improvement).

Click here to view some insights from the most recent staff and student sector reports, and read what Ben Eastment (Head of ITSQB at Voice Project) sees as the future for the initiative.

To find out more about our ITSQB Survey, please get in touch with our team