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Voice Project’s “Change Challenge” motivates and measures real change in employee engagement, work practices and business outcomes.

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what is the change challenge?

The Change Challenge is focused on driving real improvements. Any organisation, team, or work unit may participate in this process. Awards will be given to teams that demonstrate measurable change. Research is supported by Macquarie University, Griffith University, and the Australian Research Council.


free change challenge team survey

  • Call us on 1800 8 VOICE (1800 886 423) or email, and in 15 minutes, we will help you set up your own free survey to send to your team.
  • You can take part any time of the year.
  • Open to teams with 5 or more staff.
  • An online report will be generated automatically comparing your scores with industry specific-benchmarks. Download a sample report here.

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change challenge awards

  • Each year an expert judging panel will announce awards for those teams that have achieved the greatest measurable change in work practices and outcomes.
  • It is not another “best employer” process. Such awards provide a one-off snapshot of static performance and regularly award the same financially healthy organisations.
  • In the Change Challenge your initial results aren't important, what matters is how much positive change you can achieve over time.
  • For industries with a large number of participants there will be industry-specific awards.
  • For organisations with multiple participating teams, we can help you create your own internal awards.
  • Voice Project clients who have completed a repeat survey within the 12 months prior to the awards will be automatically eligible for the awards.
  • A winner will be selected for each organisation size bracket. For more information, please click here for a list of our previous change challenge winners and finalists.

Contact us should you require additional support with your change initiatives.

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