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Effective and capable leaders are critical to a school’s success. It is important to develop leadership capacity throughout the school. A school leadership 360 survey helps you achieve this by assessing leadership behaviours and capabilities that impact student and school outcomes. Leaders receive feedback from those ‘all around’ them, including peers, their staff and their principal (or board). This multi-rater feedback uncovers personal strengths and development areas to inform actions and improve leadership impact.

why choose the VOICE school leadership 360 degree survey?

  • Our 360s have been designed with AHISA & ACEL specifically for school leaders
  • We have a proven track record having provided 360s to over 1000 leaders across 90 schools in Australia and New Zealand. Our benchmarks help you assess your performance relative to other school leaders.
  • Pairs with the AITSL Australian Professional Standard for Principals.
  • There are separate versions for senior school leaders and middle managers.
  • We provide comprehensive, easy-to-interpret reports for each leader and also for the school leadership team as a whole, helping you understand organisational wide leadership development needs.
  • Leaders to receive actionable feedback from their peers, reports and manager (e.g. principal or board).

Our School Leadership 360 Feedback Model

Schools Leadership 360 degree feedback model

easy to understand reports

school staff engagement sample reports
Contact us for a copy of our Senior School Leaders 360 Sample Report or Middle Manager 360 Reports.

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