school engagement survey

school engagement survey

Engaged staff are committed to their work, and actively contribute to student and school performance. Our school engagement survey is a comprehensive measure of staff behaviours and perceptions that assess their level of engagement. The Voice Project school engagement survey enables schools to identify ways to lift staff engagement and wellbeing, and collaborate with staff to drive strategic changes and improvements.

school staff engagement and wellbeing model

school staff engagement model
Check out our research on Voice Project's Model for School Engagement.

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school staff engagement sample reports

why choose voice project's school engagement survey?

  • Measure what matters to your staff with our research-validated survey for schools, with demonstrated psychometric reliability and validity.
  • Measure engagement and staff wellbeing.
  • We provide extensive sector benchmarking for schools allowing you to assess your performance relative to other schools and interpret your results in the context of the broader education environment.
  • You can choose our standard school survey, or customise your own questions with support from our experienced consultants.
  • We provide comprehensive, easy-to-interpret reports, with actionable feedback focusing on how to drive staff engagement.
  • We support you with best practice advice on survey design, administration, analysis, reporting, feedback, action, and review.

easy to understand reports

school staff engagement sample reports
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As a post-survey or standalone initiative, you may also be interested in our school leadership 360 surveys; which are designed to assess leadership behaviours and capabilities that impact student and school outcomes.