Voice Project has developed an extensive library of publications and support materials grounded in scientific research. They are freely available with the hope of supplying you with all the necessary information to ultimately improve your organisation by giving people a voice.

employee engagement

Learn why engagement matters, trends and how to improve employee engagement in your organisation.


Implementing 360 surveys, developing your leadership skills and improving leadership throughout your organisation.


Supporting employee wellbeing within your organisation and how to create a positive workplace culture.

employee voice

Why voice matters along with how to encourage and support employee and stakeholder voice.

work practices

Case studies and evidence-based advice for developing talent management and other work practices, and their impact on engagement and organisation performance.

achieving change

How change can be more effectively managed to achieve your desired outcomes.

organisational surveys

Learn more about making the most of organisational surveys.

industry spotlights

For research on engagement and performance within particular sectors and industries.

If you would like to find out more about any of these resources, or if you would like Voice Project to present on any of these topics, please do not hesitate to contact us.