Our team

Dr Peter Langford - Director of Voice Project

Founder and Director of Voice Project: 2002
Dr Peter Langford is the founder and Director of Voice Project. Voice Project began as a research program at Macquarie University, and since 2002 has delivered surveys to over 2 million employees and clients across more than 3,000 organisations. In previous roles, Pete was a Senior Lecturer in Human Resource Management and Director of the Organisational Psychology program at Macquarie University, and was previously a change management consultant at Accenture. Pete is a winner of a Macquarie University Innovation Award for commercial application of research, the Elton Mayo award for early career achievement from the College of Organisational Psychology, and the Emerald Literati Awards For Outstanding Paper 2018. Pete's areas of expertise include employee engagement, leadership, culture and service quality.

Dr Louise Parkes - Principal Consultant

Started at Voice Project: 2004

Louise has led over 100 projects for Voice Project, ranging from complex culture and engagement surveys with large organisations (over 15,000 staff), highly tailored service quality surveys for clients and members, and interactive seminars on leading organisational culture and change. Louise also enjoys facilitating workshops to help organisations develop mission and values, strategic priorities and action plans. She particularly enjoys working with Voice Project's not-for-profit clients, and has partnered with leaders in the sector to develop tools to give a voice to staff and service users with a disability.

Frank Basile - Principal Consultant

Started at Voice Project: 2006

I commenced working with Voice Project in the middle of 2006 and feel that I have found a home here! Since starting with Voice, I have worked with a range of Public, Private and Not-for-Profit organisations to help them implement their engagement, leadership, service quality and training needs surveys.

I have a particular passion for leadership surveys, and have helped a number of organisations (including RTA and Aussie) in tailoring surveys to assess their specific leadership competencies across a large number of leaders, each within a tight timeframe. I have also enjoyed leading many of our global Engagement Survey projects, including projects for Roche Pharmaceuticals and ResMed, which involved surveying staff in over 30 countries.

Ben Eastment - Principal Consultant

Started at Voice Project: 2008

I have an extensive background in psychometrics and test/survey development. I have spent ten years working in the field of educational measurement and research at the Office of the Board of Studies, and has been involved in numerous large scale projects. I've received my Masters in Organisational Psychology from the University of New South Wales in 2007, specialising in change management and the assessment of organisational culture.

Since joining Voice Project, I have worked on a number of projects across various industries, both local and international, but continues to specialise in the education sector. I also head up the technology side of Voice, and have been integral in the development of highly tailored and automated solutions for a range of clients.

Echo Fong - Senior Consultant

Started at Voice Project: 2008

I joined Voice Project as a Consultant in 2008 and was promoted to Senior Consultant in 2011. Since starting with Voice Project, I have assisted organisations of varying sizes across all sectors in the design and implementation of their engagement, leadership and service quality surveys. I have also contributed to the development of the Voice Leadership Survey by reviewing and consolidating the leadership framework behind the survey tool.

Charlie Zhang - Senior Consultant

Started at Voice Project: 2007

I have contributed to numerous consulting and research initiatives at Voice Project associated with engagement, service quality, and leadership surveys. My role at first involved analytical and support-based work, but I gradually took on more responsibilities relating to client services and internal organisational development, which I enjoy immensely. I have managed a diverse range of survey projects of varying sizes, and across various sectors. These include Curtin University's Your Voice Survey, Baptist Community Services' Staff Satisfaction Survey, Family Planning NSW's 360 Survey, and Australian Museum's Engagement Survey. This work allows me to fulfil one of my passions, which is to provide people an opportunity to voice their opinions about their work environment.

Carly Bradford - Senior Consultant

Started at Voice Project: 2011

Since starting with Voice Project in early 2011, I have worked both as an analyst and project lead across a range of Public, Private and Not-for-Profit clients, to assist in the delivery of a range of projects from standard to fully tailored options. I am also a member of the team overseeing Voice Project's technology and product development. 


Alex Kashian - Senior Consultant

Started at Voice Project: 2012

I was fortunate enough to join the Voice Project team in 2012 before finishing my master’s degree. Since then I have led, designed, and analysed a range of engagement, leadership, and client satisfaction survey projects. These have included small standard surveys, tailored surveys, highly complex government surveys and everything in between. My clients come from a variety of industries and sectors, so I’ve had the opportunity to work with NFPs with 15 staff, universities with several thousand, and a range of others including retail companies, disability services, pharmaceutical companies, local councils, and medical researchers (among others).

Aaron Silvestro - Consultant

Started at Voice Project: 2015

Aaron Silvestro is a workplace psychologist and a consultant at Voice Project. He collaborates with clients, asking questions, using data to solve problems, and seeing positive changes in people's lives.

Since joining, I have greatly enjoyed working with clients in not-for-profit, age care & disability, professional services, education and local government. Helping these organisations to better achieve their missions by building leadership capability and identifying organisational strengths and weaknesses has been very rewarding. I've also enjoyed tailoring surveys to measure the key issues for a client, whether that be in employee engagement, leadership competencies or member and customer satisfaction.

Cindy Leung - Senior Consultant

Started at Voice Project: 2014

I've started with Voice Project as a Consultant in mid 2014 and have moved into a Senior Consultant role in late 2017. I have been mainly designing and managing survey and general consulting projects for clients across multiple industries. I have consulted around engagement, leadership, service quality and other people-related topics such as diversity and wellbeing. I enjoy exchanging ideas with clients, helping them to shape their strategy and track progress over time. In addition to client projects, I am also supporting the internal sales and marketing team.

Outside of work, I am interested in positive psychology and well-being, as well as fashion and food in general.

Luming Luo - Consultant

Started at Voice Project: 2015

I recently joined the Voice Project team. I will be working as an analyst on various projects and am also a member of Voice Project's marketing and sales team. Prior to joining Voice Project, I worked as a research assistant for the School of Psychiatry at the University of NSW. My main research interests are in protective factors for good mental health and wellbeing and I am keen to look at this within a workplace setting. I intend to pursue a Masters in Organisational Psychology next year and hope to become fully registered with the Psychology Board of Australia.


Lauren Gatt - Consultant

Started at Voice Project: 2016

I have recently joined the Voice Team after completing the requirements for the Master of Organisational Psychology degree in 2015. A requirement of the degree included competing my Masters thesis under the supervision of Professor Mark Wiggins, where we explored how people develop expertise and why they make errors using operational systems. The degree also required me to undertake a variety of placements, which I completed at the Commonwealth Bank, Macquarie University, and a number of smaller consultancies.


Peter Ha - Consultant

Started at Voice Project: 2018

Having recently joined the Voice Project team; I am a member of Voice’s Marketing team and will be working as an analyst and consultant, where I will be responsible for providing support with survey implementation, analysis and reporting.

I have previously worked in the areas of sales and support, and it is from this experience with working in small organisations which has made me very interested in becoming an organisational psychologist. I am looking to pursue a Masters in Organisational Psychology next year, which I believe will also help me deliver a better service to our clients.


Ming Pan - Consultant

Started at Voice Project: 2018

I am a recent consultant at Voice Project. As a consultant, I have been involved in leading, design, analysis and reporting of engagement, leadership and client satisfaction surveys for various client organisations. These client organisations span across public, private and non-for-profit sectors, from small NFPs and councils to large universities. Generally, I enjoy working collaboratively on a variety of client projects and working with data.

I have also been involved in Voice Project's internal organisational development activities. This included managing the internal culture survey and client satisfaction survey, supporting recruitment and selection processes for more recent hires, and performing research and benchmarking updates.


Ian Lu - Analyst

Started at Voice Project: 2018

I have recently joined the Voice Project team as an analyst. As an analyst, I pursue ways to use data and statistical programs to efficiently derive insights for the business. I have spent two years in the field of data analytics, and within these two years I have worked on many sophisticated projects involving data modelling for sports and process automation.

I enjoy the challenges attached to problem-solving and have discovered a passion in computer science. As such I will be pursuing a Masters in IT commencing February 2019 with a specific focus on Machine Learning and data science.


Chris Fajou - Consultant

Started at Voice Project: 2018

I have recently joined the team at Voice Project, and am currently completing my Masters in Organisational Psychology at Macquarie University. I am passionate about using data to solve business problems, and have experience in using predictive analytics with large scale survey and workshop data to draw insights regarding organisational outcomes.

Before joining Voice Project, I had previously worked as a risk culture analyst within the Commonwealth Bank, as well as a team assistant within a not-for-profit organisation. These roles have given me insight in to the unique challenges that differing industries face with regards to leadership, engagement and service quality.


Angus Yu - Analyst

Started at Voice Project: 2018

As an analyst in the Tech Team for Voice Project, I am responsible for the reporting & analysing of survey data, as well as the monitoring and improvement of our processes.

Prior to joining Voice, I worked with clients from a broad range of industries in designing and managing the roll out of their leadership & culture surveys. I enjoy seeing individuals having their aha moments when they see how they or their teams can develop new ways of working to be more effective and engaged at work.


Brian Dance - Senior Developer

Started at Voice Project: 2018

I joined Voice Project in November 2018 as Senior Developer. I have spent 25 years in software development, website and server side development across many sectors including not-for-profit, finance and telecommunications. I spent many years as an independent consultant designing and building solutions for a large variety of requirements.

I bring strong technical skills and experience to Voice Project to help continually improve the products and services provided.

Rebecca Pepper - Office Manager

Started at Voice Project: 2009

I am the Office Manager at Voice Project and have been since June 2009. I take care of the day to day running of the office, overseeing reception and administration for our Sydney and Melbourne offices. I am also responsible for supplying consultant support, taking care of survey live periods and uploading surveys. My favourite part of my job is being the Director of Fun, I organise all the staff events from our monthly TGIT (Thank God It's Thursday) nights to our Fun Day's we have throughout the year. I am always coming up with new ideas like scavenger hunts, dance nights, trivia nights, Olympic type events and anything else I think the team would enjoy.