MicroSourcing's positive transformation

Winning the War for Talent: How MicroSourcing Became an Employer of Choice

It’s great to see that one of our long term clients MicroSourcing, who was shortlisted for our change challenge award in 2016, has won the enterprise category of our award this year. I would like to congratulate them again for their outstanding achievement!

 MicroSourcing, an outsourcing company with over 3000 staff, has a mission to “enable our clients to grow their business by providing smart and flexible outsourcing and offshoring solutions in the Philippines while contributing to a developing nation”. Consistent with their “one family” value, they also ensure that employee experience and feedback are considered whilst delivering on its mission and business growth. A deliberate, systematic approach has been adopted to listening to staff feedback, which helped them achieve improvements in employee engagement, client satisfaction and business performance.  

"By realising that our employees are our core asset and taking action to increase employee engagement, we have been able to achieve employee retention rates that are significantly better than our industry. It also makes MicroSourcing a more fun environment at the same time!" − MicroSourcing CEO, Sjoerd Krosse

In the short video below, MicroSourcing CEO, Sjoerd Krosse, explains their change journey:



Became an Employer of Choice - Their Change Strategy

MicroSourcing implemented a few key steps to ensure that the staff feedback process is an effective one for driving positive change.

Prior to survey launch


After the survey


To identify the areas that needed change, MicroSourcing management looked at several data sources: 1) the 2016 Engagement Survey report; 2) the historical weather map of survey results across the business from 2013; 3) the gap analysis provided by Voice Project, and 4) the results of several focus group discussions (FGDs) that were done as a result of the 2016 survey results.

Based on these, the identified priority areas for change were the following:

  • Rewards and Recognition
  • Facilities
  • Cross Unit Cooperation

For 2016-17, major initiatives that were planned and implemented included the following:

  • For Facilities: Acquisition of a new site and hiring of a new Facilities Management team; improvement of existing facilities.
  • For Rewards and Recognition: implementation of MS Finest (annual recognition of top 20 employees), MS Hero (recognition of top Management staff), and quarterly department recognitions during townhalls, review of HMO benefits
  • Cross-Unit Cooperation: Leadership Camp for Management Staff to enhance teamwork across departments

When asked about the main contributors to MicroSourcing's success in achieving change, our partners listed:

1) Clear accountability resulting from action delegation

2) Support by Senior Management seen through leadership of the committees that were formed and allocating time during Management committee meetings to discuss the engagement survey initiatives

3) Constant communication by the CEO on the engagement survey 

4) The post-survey process which ensured that the results were communicated and the employees’ voices are further heard

5) A suggestion scheme called “My Voice” which ensured that employees can give direct feedback without fear of retribution.

Not surprisingly, these enormous efforts in terms of planning, implementation and follow-through have translated into more positive employee engagement and business outcomes in terms of customer satisfaction and financial performance. 

“Feedback from employees has been very positive. During the FGDs, one of the constant comments is that MicroSourcing always listens to employee feedback and engagement activities have always been cited as one of the strengths. Also, year on year, despite the steady growth in headcount and the changes that the organization experiences, engagement scores remain significantly higher compared to industry. Attrition, year on year, has also been declining which means employees are staying. The initiatives that were launched contributed to the maturity of our organization, generated a positive impact to the overall metrics of the company and created a more positive employee brand, which can be felt through an increased employee referral for the hiring requirements. Overall, it created a good MicroSourcing success story.”

How do these strategies compare with your organisation's response to employee feedback? If you have any questions about MicroSourcing’s story or would like to connect with their HR manager, please contact Please also share your ideas and experience below.

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