Voice Team

Luming Luo - Consultant

Started at Voice Project: 2015

I recently joined the Voice Project team. I will be working as an analyst on various projects and am also a member of Voice Project's marketing and sales team. Prior to joining Voice Project, I worked as a research assistant for the School of Psychiatry at the University of NSW. My main research interests are in protective factors for good mental health and wellbeing and I am keen to look at this within a workplace setting. I intend to pursue a Masters in Organisational Psychology next year and hope to become fully registered with the Psychology Board of Australia.


Educational Qualification

  • Bachelor of Science - Psychology - Honours (University of Sydney)


  • Sara, G., Luo, L., Carr, V.J., Raudino, A., Green, M.J., Laurens, K.R., Dean, K., Cohen, M., Burgess, P., & Morgan, V.A. (2014). Comparing algorithms for deriving psychosis diagnoses from longitudinal administrative clinical records. Soc Psychiatry Psychiatr Epidemiol, 49(11): 1729-37.