evidence-based employee survey

what is an evidence-based employee engagement survey?

Employee surveys that do not have a sound evidence-base can waste the time and money if they provide feedback that is not be accurate or actionable.

Voice Project is proud of its research pedigree, having started as a research program out of Macquarie University and regularly publishing and presenting research in scientific journals, magazines, and at industry and academic conferences.

Not all survey providers are the same. Some consulting organisations sell employee surveys without any or only limited research supporting the usefulness of their tool. Similarly, sometimes organisations might develop surveys internally without research evidence to support the usefulness of the tool. So, it is important to be able to review the quality of a survey tool

how to review the quality of an employee survey

When looking for an evidence-based employee survey, carefully look and ask in detail about the following components:

  • A broad model of work systems, practices and outcomes (e.g., employee engagement) measuring the important issues in your organisation, supported by statistical evidence.

    Voice Project’s 7ps model of engagement measures a wide range of organisational practices (e.g., attitudes towards senior leadership; work processes; organisational technology) and outcomes (e.g., employee engagement). It has found to be applicable for organisations in all sectors and industries. A statistical factor analysis of data from over 1,000 organisations in all sectors and industries shows that Voice Project’s employee survey precisely measures the 7ps model. This means that Voice Project’s tool will provide you with the comprehensive feedback you need to effectively create change within your organisation.
  • Statistical reliability. The categories of organisational practices and outcomes in Voice Project’s engagement survey have shown to be highly statistically reliable. This means that you can be confident that Voice Project’s survey results around work practices and outcomes reflect what is really going on within your organisation, and not statistical noise or error.
  • Statistically related to real-world outcomes. Voice Project’s engagement survey has been shown to be related to independent measures of organisational performance including turnover, absenteeism, productivity, health and safety, goal attainment, profit/surplus, organisational objectives, change management & innovation, and customer satisfaction. This means that you can be confident the work practices and outcomes measured in Voice Project’s engagement survey are related to important tangible outcomes for your organisation, and that our survey can likely help you create impactful change within your organisation.
  • Independent verification. Voice Project’s engagement survey has been subject to a number of independent peer-reviewed publications in scientific journals. For example, the research behind the evidence-base of the Voice Project engagement survey is published in the Australian Journal of Psychology. This is important because it means the quality of the Voice Project 7ps model and engagement survey has been verified by experts in the field who reviewed the tool without knowing details about the researcher, organisation or university that developed the survey.