Voice Team

Echo Fong - Senior Consultant

Started at Voice Project: 2008

I joined Voice Project as a Consultant in 2008 and was promoted to Senior Consultant in 2011. Since starting with Voice Project, I have assisted organisations of varying sizes across all sectors in the design and implementation of their engagement, leadership and service quality surveys. I have also contributed to the development of the Voice Leadership Survey by reviewing and consolidating the leadership framework behind the survey tool.

I enjoy working with my clients to identify priorities to help drive employee engagement and satisfaction, as well as identifying key areas for leadership development. I strongly believe that an engaged workforce is key to the success of an organisation and leadership plays an important role in driving employee engagement. I have a particular interest in researching the link between leadership and employee engagement by investigating the types of leader behaviours and competencies that have the greatest impact on employee engagement.

In addition to consulting work, I have contributed to various internal initiatives for the development of Voice Project over the past few years, including activities around marketing and research, and ongoing improvement of technology and processes. I have recently taken on the responsibility of directing Voice Project's People program, including staff training, career development, recruitment and selection, workload management and office administration.

I am currently working on a full-time basis. Outside work I enjoy spending time with friends and family and bush-walking.

Educational Qualification

  • Master of Organisational Psychology (UNSW)
  • BSc - Psychology - Honours (The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong)

Professional Affiliation

  • Registered Psychologist with the Psychology Board of Australia (PBA)


  • Fong, Y., Earl, J., & Langford, P. H. (2008). Improving the Validity of Self-Ratings of Abilities: The Impact of Rating Format and Order. Proceedings of the 43rd Annual APS Conference, pp.159 - 163
  • Langford, P. H., & Fong, Y. (2008). Development of a Survey that Supports Two, Three and Five Meta-Categories of Leadership Behaviour. Proceedings of the 43rd Annual APS Conference, pp. 189 - 193.

Prior Work Experience

Prior to joining Voice Project I worked as a full-time Account Manager for AMR Interactive. My major responsibilities included management and coordination of quantitative market research projects for corporate clients, such as MYOB Australia, AXA and Energy Australia. I also had the opportunity to conduct in-depth interviews and focus groups for qualitative research projects.


  • Echo was excellent at understanding the needs of our organisation. She gave good suggestions to get the most out of the survey. Presentations were very professional and delivered at a level where all staff in the management team could interpret and understand the data. (Flintwood Disability Services, Staff Engagement Survey)
  • Echo Fong is extremely professional and service-oriented, as well as being a very friendly person to work with. (University of Technology, Sydney, Student Experience of Technology in Universities Survey)
  • Echo was extremely knowledgeable about the subject matter and was professional and helpful. (Diverse Community Care, Engagement and Value Survey)