Focus Group

what is a focus group?

Trying to better understand an issue and unpack the root causes? Focus groups are used by organisations to obtain objective information and perspective on particular topics directly from the stakeholders involved. They provide “voice” to employees, customers and other stakeholders and help build momentum for change.

Voice Project Focus Group

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Our facilitated focus groups are structured discussions with stakeholders. The content of each focus group is customised to ensure that rich and meaningful feedback is captured. Data is reported in aggregate to protect confidentiality and reduce trepidation around giving honest answers and opinions.

advantages of focus groups

  • Gain specific information on a particular issue or work area
  • Gather valuable feedback from stakeholders in the know
  • Offer greater meaning and context than quantitative research methods
  • Efficient mechanism to collect actionable data
  • Dig deeper and follow up on answers then and there
  • Builds engagement and voice in the process
  • Evaluate the impact of change initiatives

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how the session will run

  • Identify ideal participants representative of the stakeholder groups
  • Develop a discussion guide to maximise the richness of feedback
  • Moderate focus groups to allow all participants a voice
  • Analyse and summarise data in a clear and straightforward style
  • Generate solutions and an action orientated report

One of our registered psychologists will facilitate your session.
Voice-Project-Focus-Group Rather than a free-flowing discussion, we work with you beforehand to identify participants and develop a discussion guide to ensure that rich and meaningful feedback is captured.

This ensures all participants have a voice, allows for a range of discussion points to be covered and encourages stakeholders to think through deeply about the issues at hand. As psychologists, we are bound by our ethical code to protect confidentiality and this reduces trepidation around giving honest answers and opinions.

why choose Voice Project to run your focus group?

Our team draw on our extensive expertise in generating feedback and voice, advanced analytics, and experience industry to provide up to date information on key areas in your organisation. We differentiate ourselves by providing:

  • Experience. We work with each client to ensure their focus group addresses their unique needs and provides quality information for HR and Management to act on
  • Insightful Analytics. We place focus group feedback in context to provide valuable insight for decision makers
  • Flexible Solutions. We work with clients to ensure focus group participation is fast, easy and convenient for employees and customers in any industry, and reporting options that fit into your operating budget
  • Flawless Satisfaction. We pride ourselves on timely, quality service. When we asked about our performance in our own client survey, 100% of our clients reported favourable responses for our product and service quality and timely delivery
  • Sustainable Improvements. Focus groups are valuable when they lead to sustainable improvements in engagement, satisfaction and business performance. We build long-term relationships with our clients to make certain that happens by tailoring our approach to the needs of the business and people in your organisation, providing up to date research and insights into generating change
  • Beyond the Instrument. We support our clients through the whole process, from selecting participants, best practice pre-focus group communication we know maximises feedback, through to post focus group action planning to identify underlying solutions and case studies to inspire and inform ongoing change.

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