enterprise agreement voting

anonymous and secure enterprise agreement voting

The enterprise agreement process can be complex and contentious. Appointing an independent third party to manage the vote gives staff faith in the result. Voice Project offers an electronic enterprise agreement voting system that is independent and protects staff anonymity, with results quickly provided back to the organisation.

advantages of an independent enterprise agreement voting process

  • Independent process giving staff confidence in the result
  • Secret ballot protecting staff anonymity
  • Easy to complete online on a computer, tablet or mobile; via email or sms
  • Electronic administration via email or sms
  • Secure and accurate. Data is stored in Australia on multiple servers, with daily and offsite backups
  • Instant results after verification, your results will be ready the first business day after the vote closes
  • Maximise voter turnout with confidence in the process, anonymity, easy access and targeted reminders, we help you maximise voter participation rates

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why choose Voice Project to run your agreement voting process


  • Trust. Our clients routinely rate us as trustworthy, protecting their results and the anonymity of respondents; we are bound by a professional code of ethics to maintain this trust
  • Flexible Solutions. We work with clients to ensure enterprise agreement voting is fast, easy and convenient for employees, while customising our communications and information to support you to explain the enterprise agreement
  • Flawless Service. We pride ourselves on timely, quality service. When asked about our performance, 100% of our clients reported favourable responses for our product and service quality and timely delivery

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