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what is an action planning workshop?

Voice Project Action Planning

Most organisational change initiatives fail because they do not gain sufficient momentum and ownership from key stakeholders and staff. Action planning workshops provide organisations with a practical forum to transform business data, survey results and focus group feedback into meaningful action and improvements. Drawing on our extensive expertise in understanding and communicating data allows us to start the workshop from a joint understanding, then support the group to reach effective outcomes that are integrated and aligned with the overall strategic objectives of the organisation.

advantages of action planning workshops

  • Communicates results clearly and ensures everyone gets the same message
  • Generates solutions stakeholders will commit to
  • Build commitment to change from key staff
  • Effective mechanism to energise and focus business activity
  • Efficient solutions as individual actions are focused and conducted by those most capable
  • Builds engagement and voice in the change process

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how the workshops will run

Our consultants use a mix of engaging workshop activities and discussion techniques to promote meaningful exchange between all attendees, ensuring staff leave feeling energised, focused and heard. To build ownership and direction on organisation-level initiatives we typically include a cross-functional group of stakeholders and the leadership team. Workshops containing members from specific business units and smaller teams are conducted to help those areas understand and address their unique challenges and role in supporting larger business initiatives.

Voice Project’s psychologists implement a four stage approach to their action planning workshops to ensure a thorough and efficient transition from opinion to action:


  • Communicate results with key stakeholders and change agents
  • Conduct root cause analysis to identify causes and effective remedies
  • Establishing priorities to generate change and ROI
  • Action identification to guide the rollout of initiatives

Rather than a free-flowing discussion, we work with you beforehand to identify the parameters of the workshop and identify key participants to include. Then using discussion techniques and activities our consultant will promote meaningful dialogue to ensuring staff feel energised, focused and heard.
This ensures all participants have a voice, which supports ownership in the priorities and action items generated.

why choose Voice Project to run your action plan workshop?

Our team draw on our extensive expertise in understanding and communicating data. Starting the workshop from a join understanding we are able to support the group through the process, promoting each voice and building ownership for change. We differentiate ourselves by providing:

  • Sustainable Improvements. Action planning workshops are valuable when they lead to sustainable improvements in engagement, satisfaction and business performance. To make certain that this can happen we build long term relationships with our clients which allow us to tailor our approach to the needs of the business and people in your organisation, incorporating up to date research and insights into generating change
  • Flexible Solutions. We work with clients to ensure workshop participation is fast, easy and convenient for employees and stakeholders, and options that fit into your operating budget
  • Flawless Satisfaction. We pride ourselves on timely, quality service. When we asked about our performance in our own client survey, 100% of our clients reported favourable responses for our product and service quality and timely delivery
  • Scientific Rigor. We work with each client to ensure their workshop receives a rigorous understanding of the data and contribute cutting edge business research into the discussions where appropriate
  • Insightful Analytics. We place business data, survey results and focus group feedback in context to provide valuable context for decision makers and identify priorities to drive change
  • Beyond the Workshop. We support our clients through the whole process, from selecting participants, understanding data post workshop communication to effectiveness testing to providing best practice approaches and case studies to inspire and inform ongoing change

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