Aaron Silvestro
change management

What drives employees’ perceptions of change?

Conventional thinking assumes that “people resist change”, but that idea limits our approach when leading change as it overlooks what encourages people to embrace change.

Alex Kashian
change management

SGCH is a community housing organisation that for almost 30 years has aimed to improve people’s lives through quality, affordable housing.

Aaron Silvestro
customer satisfaction

At Voice Project we practice what we preach and survey our clients every six months. This gives our customers an opportunity to tell us what they think of our services. We use this feedback to understand how we are doing in the eyes of our clients and this guides our organisational development activities.

Ellie Boughton

While most organisations share an expectation that their senior leaders should be good at Persuasive Communication, Strategic Thinking, and Leading Change, less frequently stated is the need for leaders to demonstrate Integrity.

A brief scan of recent news stories shows that leader integrity should not be assumed. Some examples include:

Peter Langford
employee engagement

Many authors and consultants are promoting the concept of generational differences and the potential value to organisations if they undertake interventions targeting specific age groups and generational cohorts. We believe, however, there is more sizzle than substance in this topic.

Sophie Laidler
mission & values

The idea of staff in not-for-profit (NFP) organisations being engaged and connected with the mission and values of their organisation is not a foreign concept. However, we recently set out to discover whether organisational purpose is equally effective for driving staff engagement in the private sector.

Aaron Silvestro
change management

Feros Care Wins 2015 ACS State Awards for Excellence in HR

At the recent NSW Aged and Community Services State Awards evening, Voice Project was pleased to present Jennene Buckley, CEO of Feros Care, with the 2015 Excellence in HR award.

Aaron Silvestro
change management

In a recent event "Change Challenge: stories of success", Voice Project presented the 2015 Change Challenge Awards to
Vision Australia and Employment Services, MTC Australia. Read their inspiring organisational change stories. Once again congratulations again to our award winners!

Cindy Leung
customer satisfaction

Voice Project seeks to survey our own clients every six months. Once again, we invited our recent clients to provide feedback about their experience working with us. We are grateful that we continue to receive positive feedback from our clients, including: