Peter Langford

In the May-June 2017 Harvard Business Review (HBR), authors Botelho, Powell, Kincaid and Wang wrote an article titled “What Sets Successful CEOs Apart”.

Alex Kashian
performance management

Exceptional Human Resource Management

In 2017, Voice Project once again had the pleasure of being a sponsor and judge for the ACSA Award for Exceptional Human Resource Management. It’s always a wonderful opportunity to hear stories about the dedication, passion, and tenacity that staff in the Aged Care sector show towards the work

Ellie Boughton

Sometimes managers or leaders receive “bad” feedback. Few of us could honestly say that we relish this as a ‘learning opportunity’. Indeed, Voice Project’s 360 degree survey data shows that responding well to feedback is one of the weakest areas of performance for most leaders.

Lauren Gatt
change management

Organisational change is a key capability for HR and management,
but change is difficult to achieve. Up to 70% of change initiatives fail. This year's Change Challenge recognises one company who has not only successfully implemented large-scale change, but has fostered a culture of
continuous change and improvement across the organisation.

Ellie Boughton
employee engagement

A successful employee engagement survey can be difficult to achieve. Sometimes it seems a success to get the survey questions signed off by key sponsors, or to release the results out to managers. While these are milestones in a successful project, they aren’t sufficient achievements on their own.

Lauren Gatt

High-Performance Teams

Voice Project has worked with Swinburne University to deliver their employee engagement surveys since 2006. The Corporate and Government Affairs team within Swinburne were able to build on already strong results and achieve further positive changes in their most recent survey.

Cindy Leung
employee engagement

Workplace Safety

While many of us would be aware of the negative consequences of poor work, health and safety, including a loss of productivity and medical costs, you may

Ellie Boughton
change management

What do the following diverse group of workers have in common?

Louise Parkes
customer satisfaction

Providing Quality Care

The shift towards consumer-driven funding and greater customer choice in aged care is driving a corresponding and critical shift in focus away from simply complying with government standards, to better understanding and satisfying client and resident needs.