Engagement Survey Reports: Priority Matrix

picking prioirties from an engagement survey

Understanding how the priority matrix works

The priority matrix in our engagement survey report is based on an analysis of an organisation’s survey data, and it helps to provide a focus on:

  • Strengths – organisational practices that should be maintained and/or built upon, and
  • Priorities – relatively low performance areas that could be improved to potentially drive higher passion and progress

The matrix is available in organisation and team reports where 30 or more employees have completed the engagement survey. An example priority matrix is shown in the image below.


Identifying priorities

Organisational practices are positioned on the matrix based on:

  1. Performance – understanding the relative strength of current organisational practices. Performance is assessed based on both % favourable scores and how these results compare to benchmarks.
  2. Impact – the degree that each practice is likely to drive passion (engagement) and organisational progress.

The following video provides more detail about how the matrix is created using this performance and impact information.

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