Client Survey Mid 2018

Every 6 months, Voice Project takes the opportunity to give our clients a voice through our Client Satisfaction Survey. The feedback we receive is highly valued at Voice Project as it helps us to improve our services. It also gives us an opportunity to take a moment to celebrate how we help our clients.

Please read our 2018 mid-year client survey report .

Client Survey Highlights

Overall client satisfaction was high:

Overall Satisfaction

100% of our clients were satisfied with the services they received.

Continue with Voice Project

97% will still be working with Voice Project in two years’ time.

Net Promoter Score

NPS +80 for how likely it would be that they would recommend Voice Project's surveys and services to others

Higher Scores

Our clients identified these as our key strengths:


100% of our clients rated Voice Project and our staff as trustworthy, ethical and protective of the confidentiality of responses.


100% of our clients agreed that Voice Project provides reliable, high quality services. Furthermore, 97% of clients believe staff pay attention to detail.


100% of clients agreed Voice Project managed expectations around timing and deadlines, met those deadlines, and produced reports at a reasonable speed. 98% of our clients agreed that staff responded quickly to requests and questions.

Acting on Client Feedback

The second half of 2018 is looking exciting with plans to unveil our new high achieving workplace recognition award, a new change challenge survey, and continued development of our survey items and platform. These initiatives have been prioritised from the feedback we receive from our clients – so thank you once again.

To provide your feedback  or discuss the results please contact us on 1800 8 VOICE (1800 886 423), email, or contact any of our consultants you have worked with directly.