Aged Care Leadership Surveys

about Voice Project's Aged Care Leadership Capability Surveys:

Effective and inspirational leaders are critical to an organisation’s success, and so it is important to develop leadership capacity in your organisation. In conjunction with the Aged Care Leadership Development Project, Voice Project offer three tailored Aged Care Leadership surveys, targeted to Front-Line Managers (Level 3), Middle Management (Level 2) and Senior Leadership (Level 1). Development of these surveys has been funded by the Department of Industry and managed by the Community Services and Health Industry Skills Council (CS&HISC), and sponsored by Aged and Community Services Australia (ACSA) and Leading Age Services Australia (LASA).

Each survey has an option to be conducted as either a Multi-Rater 360˚ Feedback Survey (including feedback from self, manager, report, peer and others) or as a Single-Rater Self-Assessment. Survey content includes items from the standard VOICE leadership survey alongside tailored items specific to the Aged Care Leadership Capability Framework, with all items couched in the language appropriate to the capabilities for each of the three levels of leadership. The included items have been designed to complement the Aged Care Leadership Capability Framework, being reflective of the behavioural indicators for each capability across the five domains. Note, however, that the surveys are not intended to be a full and exact reproduction of the framework. In addition to the five domains, a leader’s Perceived Effectiveness is measured as the extent to which the leader is successfully achieving their work objectives, and the extent to which they attract and motivate others.

surveys and sample reports

Survey 360-degree Survey Self Assessment
Level 3 (Front-line Managers)
Dowload Sample Report
Level 2 (Middle Management)
Dowload Sample Report
Level 1 (Senior Leadership)
Dowload Sample Report

the Aged Care Leadership Capability Framework model

Domain Description
Self The Aged Care leader’s understanding of, care for, and overall relationship with her/his self
Others The Aged Care leader’s ability to communicate with, relate to, and work effectively with others
Purpose The Aged Care leader’s ability to articulate and promote the organisation’s spirit, purpose and strategic direction in ways that engage and empower employees, clients and stakeholders
Business The Aged Care leader’s management of business resources to achieve organisational goals within a dynamic operating environment
Change The Aged Care leader’s capacity to foster a working environment that supports and encourages creative, holistic approaches to improvement, innovation and transformation in the organisation

advantages of Voice Project's Self Service Leadership Surveys

  • Affordable leadership surveys that are easy to set up and simple to administer
  • Monitor your project’s progress with online access to response rates
  • Access to Voice Project’s extensive leadership benchmarks, and commitment to developing and maintaining survey-specific benchmarks for the Aged Care Leadership surveys
  • Quickly available survey feedback, with reports generated automatically once the survey closes
  • Comprehensive, easy-to-interpret individual reports for each leader based on both quantitative ratings and written comments
  • Team-based reports available for the leadership team as a whole, allowing you to understand leadership strengths and identify development gaps within the team
  • Team-based reports to identify the ‘drivers’ that contribute to perceived leader effectiveness
  • Best practice advice on 360 administration and feedback
  • Availability of face-to-face or remote feedback sessions to individuals or teams via our highly experienced staff and partners network
  • Support toolkits to maximise success in communications, response rates, feedback and action planning
  • We provide debriefing and train-the-trainer debriefing sessions to help your leaders develop effective action plans based on the feedback provided

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